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Our website presents a unique collection of works of folk Tajik art, as well as contact information of the Artisans.
All these pieces of art can become a wonderful gift for you, your family, your friends and your colleagues!

Nowadays a whole variety of traditional crafts is experiencing a period of real Renaissance. People are tired of those miracles which our machines are able to do, and all of us start to remember that only handmade things can be truly unique.

One of the most impressive samples of Tajik national handicrafts is Suzani. Among the rich variety of Tajik handmade souvenirs this kind of art occupies a very special place.
Tajik traditional Suzani is a decorative handmade panel, embroidered on a fabric with cotton or silk threads. In old times a beautiful Suzani was a virtually mandatory wedding gift.
Traditional ornaments decorating the Suzani, are so complex and diverse that can be embroidered only manually. So today, like many centuries ago, Tajik craftswomen create their works of art using ancient technology. Each decorative pattern used in Suzani is unique and in the mean time, it is subject to a strict traditional canons.

How to use the Suzani in everyday life?

Most often in everyday life Suzani performs the same functions as a luxurious wall carpet. But its tender softness allows you to use it as a tablecloth, bedspread or even a refined curtain.
Despite a pronounced Oriental style, Suzani easily and naturally fits into any modern interior, bringing to it exotic and mysterious notes.
Today the interest in this form of folk handcrafted embroidery is experiencing a true renaissance, and needlewomen, knowing this ancient craft, get a lot of orders.

Best folk style gifts for you!

All over the world unique handmade products are among the best gifts that you can give for any occasion and for any reason.
Our website offers a very wide range of wonderful gifts, made by Tajik artisans:
– Tajik traditional Suzani;
– exquisite pillows and cushion;
– elegant purses and clutches;
– amazingly beautiful carved wooden combs;
– beaded jewelry;
– souvenir knives and shoehorns;
– cute kitchen aprons and oven gloves;
– luxurious bowls;
– cell phone purses.

All gifts are made from environmentally friendly materials by hand and are decorated with traditional Tajik ornaments.
Whichever gift you choose, it is sure to contain a particle of the of ancient hospitable Tajikistan atmosphere. They will allow the gift recipients not only to feel their connection with the old crafts, but also endlessly admire their exquisite beauty.

  • Panno

  • Chashma

  • Bodbezak

  • Wooden Comb

  • Adras clutch

    $18 $16
  • Cell phone purse

  • Purse (red)

  • Boron

  • Kamon (red)

  • Handalak (grey)

  • Kamon (grey)

  • Handalak (white)

  • Bahor

    $16 $11
  • Cell phone purse

  • Lola (orange)


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