Anorgul Dodarova

For most rural women, busy with exhausting work in the field and around the house, needle-work is the only ray of light. Sitting down with her crafts, the woman forgets all problems and difficulties. She enters a world of fantasies and dreams, all of which are reflected in her works.
Anorgul Dodarova, a resident of Vose district in Khatlon Region, has been embroidering suzanis and tagsari, national toupees and chodars for many years. This craft is not only a distraction from the difficulties of life, but also the main source of revenue for Anorgul’s family. Her embroidered goods are highly demanded in the local market. She tries to adjust her works to better suit the tastes and requirements of the local women. Anorgul tries to make her products as diverse as possible.
She dreams of improving her skills and selling her goods outside the country.

Gelod village
Vose district, Khatlon Region
Telephone: +992 (95) 142-5281