Khalisa Sharifova

Khalisa Sharifova from a remote village in Farhor district has been embroidering suzanis, toupees and chodars since childhood. This craft has long become her favorite job and a source of revenue. Khalisa’s suzanis, toupees and chodars are sold in the local market.
“I remember my childhood, when young people were enthusiastic and produced beautiful crafts; everyone was an artisan and everybody was enjoying it, says Khalisa. – Today crafts are no longer a popular pastime among the youth. But suzani embroidering has always been considered an art every woman must be skilled at. We used to embroider suzanis for our weddings ourselves, and this was an obligatory attribute of the celebration activities in every home”.
Khalisa dreams of her children getting a good education and finding good jobs; for example, their remote village is short of doctors and specialists in other areas, and it takes a five-kilometer walk to get to the district center – the district is also short of vehicles.
Khalisa’s husband is currently in the Russian Federation. All the hardships of life are on her shoulders, but thanks to her handicraft, she can support her family and eventually she wants to give her children a good education.

S.Safarov kolkhoz, Mehnatabad
Farhor district, Khatlon Region
Telephone: +992 (918) 65-7964


Gulchehra Mamadalieva

Talented artisan Gulchehra Mamadalieva lives and creates her beautiful national products – suzanis and toupees – in Vose district of Khatlon Region. Embroidery is her only source of revenue. To get the buyers interested, Gulchehra designs interesting and bright ornaments, which she later embroiders on her goods. Gulchehra sells her suzanis and toupees at the local market, as well as sewing to an order. Gulchehra wants to improve her skills and the quality of her products.
She understands that in today’s world, in the condition of impetuous progress, when computers perform almost all the work for humans and can already be used in embroidering, it is very important to preserve the unique national culture and art for the future generations. She believes that traditional ornaments and motives cannot be repeated by any computer. It is not enough to be a smart machine – you have to know your history and love your people.

Gelod village, jamoat Pakhtakor
Vose district, Khatlon Region
Telephone: +992 (91) 780-3182