Shukufa Vositova

Shukufa Vositova lives in Istaravshan with her husband and three children. She embroiders suzanis, ruijo (bed spreads), chalakcha (cover for pillows).
“I grew up among artisans and saw my mother and relatives at embroidery. I was quite fascinated by the process”, says Shukufa.
Sometimes, when working on large items, she asks her sister to help her. Her products are mostly bought by locals, but sometimes foreign tourists get interested and purchase her suzani and ruijo.
Shukufa presented her products at various exhibitions and fairs organized in honor of national holidays.
The artisan dreams of learning new ornaments and using the techniques from other regions in her work.

Kal’achai Kalon, Istaravshan
Telephone: +992 (918) 31-7202


Mehrangezi Alisher

Mehrangezi Alisher from Penjikent, despite her young age, is very skilled at embroidering suzani and ruijo. She learned the skills from her mother, as well as by visiting “Kashidaduzi” hobby group.
“I want to become a talented embroiderer and improve my skills of embroidering national goods, says Mehrangez. – Also, I want to enter a prestigious University and get a good higher education”.
When she completed her first work, Mehrangez threw it into Zeravshan river, so that the embroidery would be smooth as the river waters.
The young talent understands that in order to become a skilled artisan, she will have to embroider many goods, but she is certain that with time, she will grow into a true master of her handicraft.

45 Rudaki Alley, Apt.49,
Penjikent, Sughd Region
Telephone: +992 (3475) 5-8071


Onajon Yokubova

Onajon Yokubova is a resident of Penjikent, in Northern Tajikistan. For many years she has been a skillful and talented maker of embroidered goods enjoyed by many people. Onajon has been in this craft ever since she was a girl, and today she brings up apprentices of her own, teaching them to follow in her footsteps.
She learned the art of embroidery from her mother, and she is very thankful for being able to see and feel the beauty. Together with the love for embroidery, Onajon learned from her mother to be thorough in her work and to produce high-quality goods.
This is why Onajon’s products are highly demanded in the local market and she also receives individual orders.
During holidays, Onajon presents her works, in which she uses an original “basmaduzi” technique, at various exhibitions and fairs.
Onajon dreams of passing her skills to the younger generation, thus preserving the cultural legacy of our people.

80A Beruni St.,
Penjikent, Sughd Region
Telephone: +992 (3475) 5-5673; +992 (90) 766-5673


Barno Sharopova

Barno Sharopova was born in Istaravshan, Sughd Region. She got embroidering skills from her mother. As a child, she was fascinated by beautiful ornaments and bright colors. This is how her love to embroidery grew. Working on her favorite craft brings Barno pleasure and happiness. She believes every woman must know a handicraft of some kind. Barno sells her products in the local market, as well as taking part in various holiday exhibitions and fairs. She buys her materials in Dushanbe, mostly using acrylic threads remaining from the 80ies and the 90ies.
The artisan is very scrupulous about her craft. She tries to preserve the secrets of real beauty and pass them on to younger generations.

Kal’achai Kalon, Istaravshan


Sadorat Sharopova

Sadorat Sharopova is an artisan from Istaravshan; she makes her fellow villagers and neighbors happy with her refined suzanis and other national handmade goods. In addition to suzani embroidering, she also draws beautiful ornaments and drawings on fabric, then embroidering the goods according to the prints. She learned to draw the ornaments on her own, as she liked drawing since childhood. Her mother taught her embroidery when she was 10.
Sadorat works alone, but sometimes her sister and mother-in-law help her. Her goods are very popular, but recently it is increasingly difficult to sell the products. The profit from suzani making is the main, though unstable, source of income for Sadorat’s family. Sadorat dreams of being known to everyone in the area as a talented artist and craftswoman. For this, she constantly hones and tries to learn new techniques and ornaments.

Kal’achai Kalon, Istaravshan, Togob plot
Telephone: +992 (918) 54-7246


Saodat Tokhirova

Saodat Tokhirova lives and makes her exquisite suzanis in the ancient beautiful town of Penjikent. She is well-known in the area as a talented craftswoman, producing many bright works. Three daughters and two daughters-in-law assist her in this tedious work.
“Back when I was a kid, my mother told me you have to earn a handicraft and make a living with your honest labor, says Saodat. – If a person knows handicraft, he or she can overcome all the troubles life brings”.
Saodat makes suzanis for her close friends, daughters and granddaughters. Her products have been displayed at exhibitions and fairs in Penjikent and Dushanbe. Saodat believes that embroidery is different in every part of the country in the aspect of ornaments, colors and meanings. Each ornament in the suzani characterizes the person’s inner world and its link to the outside world. They also protect people from evil eye and bring joy and happiness to every home.

50 Firdousi St.,
Penjikent, Sughd Region
Telephone: +992 (92) 849-3718


Mijgona Ganieva

Mijgona Ganieva is a talented artisan from Penjikent. She lives with her husband and htree children. Embroidery is her favorite pastime, to which she dedicates herself entirely.
“To make people admire your work, you have to contribute your entire soul and all your embroidering skills, say Mijgona. – And suzani, our ancient art, requires special attention and talent”.
She got her love of embroidery from her mother. After young Mijgona visited a museum and saw unique embroidered fabrics, she became particularly interested in embroidery, particularly the art of suzani making.
Mijgona dreams of developing her embroidering skills and making her friends and relatives happy with her products.

30 Suzangaron St.,
Penjikent, Sughd Region
Telephone: +992 (3475) 5-3331; +992 (92) 808-6378


Khursand Abdurazokova

Khursand Abdurazokova, a resident of Istaravshan, has been embroidering suzanis and ruijo (bed spreads) since her young age. She learned this beautiful craft from her mother and grandmother. Khursand was watching the process with excitement and fascination, and soon she learned to embroider suzanis on a par with her mother and grandmother. Khursand’s products are eagerly bought in the local market and are also popular among foreign guests.
Khursand uses angushponakutti technique in the process of embroidery.
In the future Khursand dreams of passing the handicraft to her daughters-in-law and she is ready to make everything possible to preserve this ancient art.

Kal’achai Kalon, Istaravshan
Telephone: +992 (98) 500-8522


Muattar Khasanova

Muattar Khasanova from Istaravshan learned to embroider suzanis from her mother, further improving her skills after marriage, under the instruction of her mother-in-law. Muattar embroiders suzanis, ruijo, chalakcha (covers for pillows). Muattar’s products are purchased by local residents, as well as visitors from other towns and districts. Muattar uses charhduzi technique.
“Embroidering suzanis is a labor-intensive process, says Muattar. – Sometimes it is hard to find a buyer. I wish our products would be more popular and attract the attention of foreign tourists. In this regard, I would like to find established sales channels for suzanis and sell them at affordable prices”.
Suzanis from Istaravshan are differentiated from other areas by the use of multi-color threads; this handicraft is the primary activity for many women in this city.
Kal’achai Kalon, Istaravshan


Shahnoza Kodirova

Shahnoza Kodirova from Penjikent is a skilled suzani and ruijo embroiderer. She lives with her husband and two children, working at Penjikent city museum. This is where she got her love for the arts and crafts.
“Today I sell my products in the local market. It is a pleasure to see that my work is demanded. It is bought by locals and foreigners alike. I use “dolduzi” technique in my works”, says Shahnoza.
This woman is an active participant at exhibitions and fairs organized in Dushanbe and Penjikent.
Some time ago, civil war disrupted her plans, preventing her from graduating from the Pedagogical University of Tajikistan, but she is not sorry about that, as thanks to this occasion, she learned handicraft, which now gives her great pleasure and good revenue.

17 Pushkin St.,
Penjikent, Sughd Region
Telephone: +992 (92) 812-6662