NABWT activities on handicraft sector

National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan has rich experience in the handicraft sector and maintains effective work with craftswomen in the Republic of Tajikistan (RT). NABWT has contributed greatly to the development and stability of the artisans, to empowerment of women artisans in Tajikistan and help them extend their products to the world market. In cooperation with the Government of RT and international organizations, NABWT has implemented a number of successful craft projects. These partnership and joint projects aimed at creating favorable conditions and opportunities for women artisans of Tajikistan. 2009 – 2010. Project “Regional Women Economic Network-RWEN” funded by MEDA in collaboration with women business associations of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Results of the project: 15 craftswomen, who qualified on a competitive basis, visited Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates to participate in international forums, conferences and exhibitions. Six regional sales exhibitions involving more than 1,500 people were organized. International master classes, TOT’s were conducted for women artisans, artists, designers and product development by specialists of By Hand Consulting, USA. Quality and design of Tajik products has improved and the range of products expanded. 2011. Project “Saving Our Heritage-Saving Ourselves, SOHSA” SDC-funded in collaboration with The Bootstrap Project, USA Project results: Catalogue of suzani embroidery artisans in RT, manual for product development and business technology suzani embroidery and threads dyeing are published . According to the results of the project 113 women were trained in suzani embroidery technique. A database and network of women artisans was created. Conducted master classes for the 9 craftswomen in Bukhara on art embroidery technique. Established supply flow of raw materials from China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Created webpage http: / /sohsa.nabwt.tj / 2013. Project “Empowerment of Women through Business Development and Trade Networks in Tajikistan and Afghanistan” financed by the Embassy of the USA in Tajikistan Within the framework of the project has been conducted master – classes and workshops on embroidery (suzani), computer embroidery, Afghan embroidery homakduzi and shishaduzi, carpet weaving, silk weaving and confectionery baking. According to the results of the project 117 women were trained. 2014. Project “Tajik Women Economic EmpowermenT-TWEET” funded by the European Union in collaboration with SEQUA, Germany. NABWT intends to implement the following activities:

• TOT and embroidery (suzani) trainings for women; increase the number of embroiderers from 100 to 360

• To open resource centers in Istarayshan and Panjakent to work with craftswomen

•To provide services in business incubator: space for business, technology, equipment, training, and consulting on business registrations, tax, accounting, etc.

• To create an online store

• To increase sales by 40%

• To attend women artisans in an exhibition in Germany