Within the project framework “Saving our Heritage – saving ourselves” in NABWT was organized a working group for conducting of researches, as a part of the team was a project manager Nigora Davlatova, project assistant Firuza Mahmudova and art consultant of the project, professor of art Naim Khakimov – executive director of the Center for Arts and Education Programs of Sughd Region “Sughd”.
The study was conducted at the beginning of April this year in the city of Kulyab and Vose district, Khatlon region, Khorog, and Darvoz Vanj Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region. As a result of this meeting, it was revealed that the art of embroidery of suzane in Khorog is not developed. Nevertheless, in Khorog there is an NGO “Hayot”, which trains young girls to various crafts such as embroidery Suzane with features of different regions. In Khorog there are much wool products: dzhuraby (wool socks), skullcap, Taksar (pillowcases), which are very close to technology of Suzane Embroidery.
The main distinguishing feature of the Pamir “Jurabov” – is mated with a lot of colorful characters. They managed to keep the pattern in the symbolism of the ancient Aryans: the cross, sun and even the swastika, which was called the Pamirs “gandunai Hurshed.” Juraby serve and as shoes. With them they perform on stage and dance at weddings. In Pamir they will sew a sole. Warm wool protects from frost and protects feet from the disease. Thus Juraby warm, guard, always and everywhere recalling Pamirians.