Marhabo Iskandarova

Penjikent is an ancient town in Northern Tajikistan, with a centuries-old history and culture. It is home to many talented artisans and craftswomen – suzani embroiderers. One of htem is *Marhabo Iskandarova, who makes suzanis, joinamoz (handmade embroidered prayer rugs), ruijo (bed spreads) and other national products.
“I learned this beautiful craft after I got married. My mother-in-law taught me. Now embroidering suzanis is my favorite work”.
During the holidays, Marhabo’s suzanis and handicraft products are demonstrated at numerous exhibitions and fairs.
She uses “dolduzi” and “basmaduzi” techniques.
In the future Marhabo wishes to pass her skills and talent to her daughters and daughters-in-law.

37 U.Zokoni St.,
Penjikent, Sughd Region
Telephone: +992 (3475) 5-4747; +992 (92) 796-9702