Marifat Negmatova

Embroidered suzani, tagsari (traditional embroidered pillow cases), purses, dresses, toupees – all of these are made by an artisan from Darvaz district, Marifat Negmatova. All these beautiful things are very popular in her district, particularly among young brides. The goods are also shipped to Khorog.
Marifat is the founder of a public organization supporting craftswomen and providing work and revenue to them. Thanks to her, many women have got regular jobs and have been contributing to the development of handicrafts.
Our heroine has been an artisan for many years, and currently she has 35 young apprentices – organization members helping her. However, she wants to expand her studio and allocate a separate production room for embroidering suzanis. Selling the finished products in the domestic market and export them outside Tajikistan has been her long-time dream.
When producing her goods, the artisan uses gulduzi, zaminaduzi, puhtaduzi techniques. The goods are made from old threads, remaining from the 1980ies. Marifat complains it is not easy to find high quality materials for embroidery today.
“Embroidering suzanis is a demanding work that requires a lot of time and a lot of hands”, says Marifat.

4 S. Nosirov St.,
Darvaz district, GBAO
Telephone: +992 (3552) 2-1429, +992 (93) 516-1070