Najida Shamsuddinova

Najida Shamsuddinova is a talented craftswoman living in a village in Vanj district. She is an elderly, handicapped woman, living alone and producing suzanis and jihak (a narrow ribbon decorating the edges of male and female clothing). She learned embroidery from her mother in her young years, and has been working in this field ever since, as she likes this work and it brings her money.
“Unfortunately, I don’t have a family, sighs Najida. – My handicraft is my only work, which brings me a lot of good mood and some money to live on. My goods are highly valued by the buyers, and this makes me happy. It is a pleasure to see goods I embroidered bring joy to people”.
Najida uses zaminaduzi and gulduzi techniques in embroidering her products, while purchasing materials in the local market and using some that were left from her mother.

Chinehon village,
Vanj district, GBAO
Telephone: +992 (93) 567-4792