Nigina Khabibova

Nigina Khabibova is a young and talented artisan from Darvaz district, GBAO. She embroiders suzanis and tagsari. She learned the handicraft at a sewing factory, and now she teaches her daughter to work miracles. Nigina sells her products in Darvaz district. The main buyers are guests from Dushanbe and guests from other countries visiting Tajikistan.
“There is a high demand for my goods, says Nigina, – the buyers appreciate quality and beauty, that’s why the buy my products. I put my soul, my time and a lot of labor in every product”.
This experienced embroiderer can easily differentiate the suzani embroidery techniques used in her districts from those used in other parts of Tajikistan. She also uses a number of embroidery techniques in her work.
Speaking about similar products from neighboring districts, Nigina said: “In other districts, the flowers on the suzanis are smaller, while local ones are bigger. Also, we use only black, red and white fabric in the making of suzanis”.
As many other craftswomen in the embroidery business, Nigina complains about complete absence of high quality materials in the markets. So far, high quality threads and fabric from grandmothers’ reserves save the day – but these are the only source of high-quality threads and fabric. Nigina wants to improve her skills and preserve the cultural legacy of our people.

March 8th St.
Darvaz district, GBAO
Telephone: +992 (93) 549-3599