Parvina Begova

Parvina Begova from Madrasa village is a skillful artisan in the business of embroidering suzanis and pillow cases, but her main handicraft is suzani. Her products are specifically popular among the local residents at the wedding season.
Parvina says suzani embroidery techniques in this district are different from those used in other parts of the country, as brighter colors are used in Darvaz, but overall technology is the same.
The craftswoman purchases the materials for suzani embroidery in the local markets, but their quality is far from optimal.
“Look at the Iranian threads, says Parvina, – here they are of low quality and cause allergy”.
Parvina aspires to expand the range of products and improve their quality, eventually starting to export them outside of Tajikistan.

Madrasa village,
Darvaz district, GBAO