Rupiamoh Goibova

Rupiamoh Goibova, a resident of Vose district in Khatlon Region, has been interested in embroidery of national goods since young age.
“My neighbors taught me my craft. Back when we were kids, all the girls would get together and embroider suzanis, says Rupiamoh. – This has always been my favorite pastime. While embroidering suzani, we were singing songs, dancing and having a great time”. It was then that the passion for this unique national craft entered her heart.
Now Rupiamoh works together with her mother. Bright, original suzanis, dresses and bed spreads instantly have the buyers’ attention and are purchased happily.
Rupiamoh dreams of learning to embroider better and become the most skilled artisan in her business.

Gelod village
Vose district, Khatlon Region
Telephone: +992 (91) 916-0436