Saodat Muhabbatova

Saodat Muhabbatova lives in Kalai Khum village of Darvaz district. For many years, she has been producing skillfully embroidered suzanis, tagsari and ruijo (bed spreads). Women in the Mukhabbatovs’ family traditionally go into handicrafts and help support the family. The goods skillfully decorated by Saodat are eagerly bought by customers in the local market. In the process of embroidering, Saodat uses traditional embroidery techniques widely used in the Pamirs. Saodat tries to keep pace with the times and spends a lot of time on improving the quality of the products and improving the ornament in line with the modern requirements. She believes a Tajik woman must be good at handicraft and must be able to build her business so as to maximize the profits.

S. Nosirov St., Kalai Khum village,
Darvaz district, GBAO
Telephone: +992 (93) 410-2711