Savronbi Khasanova

Fifty-year-old Savronbi Khasanova has been embroidering suzanis, toupees, chakans (traditional dresses for Southern Tajikistan decorated with various ornaments and embroidery), gulbast and chodars. She is known throughout the area as a talented craftswoman.
“I work for myself and for selling the products, so I can make a decent living without having to rely on my pension, says Savronbi. – My products are mostly purchased by local girls who are getting married. Where else can they find such beautiful garments? That is why they come to me. My products are also demonstrated at national crafts exhibitions and fairs. People like my suzanis. They have a lot of black and white colors – these protect people from evil eye. Each ornament on the suzani characterizes the person’s inner world”.
Savronbi purchases the materials for her products in the local market, but in most cases it is of Iranian origin.
Savronbi wants her craft to bring joy and good mood to the people.

85 M. Khakimov St., Kulyab,
Khatlon Region
Telephone: +992 (91) 918-6003