Savzagul Khakimova

Savzagul Khakimova, a talented 50-year-old craftswoman, lives in Vose district of Khatlon Region. She makes suzanis, toupees and tagsari. Savzagul lives with her husband and children. She learned the suzani embroidery craft from her mother, and now she makes a living off this craft.
Savzagul uses ancient colorful drawings and ornaments in her products, and she always tries to make goods that look attractive and have high quality, matching the tastes and requirements of the customers.
Savzagul wants to teach all her six daughters and daughter-in-law this beautiful and ancient art. She is assured that her suzanis, like all art forms, have a special power. They protect against evil eye, bring happiness and joy to the house.

Jamoat Pakhtakor
Vose district, Khatlon Region