Savzpari Zieeva

In the remote village of Shirg, Darvaz district, lives a young craftswoman Savzpari Zieeva. As a girl, she learned the embroidery skills from her mother. To support the family, the young woman makes not only suzanis, but also dresses, which are very successful in the local market. Savzpari invests her soul, time and all her skills into every product she makes. She has a long-time dream of her handmade goods becoming famous far outside the country.
High quality product requires high quality materials. The craftswoman travels to Kurgantube, Kulyab and Dushanbe to purchase the raw materials. The best threads, in her opinion, can be bought in Kulyab, where high quality silkworms are grown.
When working on her suzanis, Savzpari uses such embroidery techniques as zaminaduzi and gulduzi, which are highly valued in various parts of Tajikistan.
Savzpari is a skilled artisan, capable of producing products of rare beauty.

Shirg village,
Darvaz district, GBAO
Telephone: +992 (93) 410-2716