Shahri Murodova

Every woman’s nature includes a love for beautiful things. That is why the artisans’ hands produce real works of art, in which women have imprinted their vision of the surrounding world. Shahri Murodova continues her family’s tradition by sewing suzanis and making bags. She learned this in 1990 from her mother, and now she is passing the skill to her daughter. Mostly they produce suzanis.
The production of suzanis uses gulduzi technique. The craftswoman can differentiate the techniques used in her district from the ones originating from other parts of Tajikistan. The ornaments in her products are different from other artisans.
Shahri has attended a number of fairs and exhibitions conducted within the country and abroad.
Shahri has plans to expand the line of her handicraft goods and improve their quality to meet the modern requirements.

Poul-2 area,
Darvaz district, GBAO
Telephone: +992 (93) 408-6781