Abr (small)


Abr means cloud in English. Fabric: 100% Cotton.

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Sadorat Sharopova is an artisan from Istaravshan; she makes her fellow villagers and neighbors happy with her refined suzanis and other national handmade goods. In addition to suzani embroidering, she also draws beautiful ornaments and drawings on fabric, then embroidering the goods according to the prints. She learned to draw the ornaments on her own, as she liked drawing since childhood. Her mother taught her embroidery when she was 10.
Sadorat works alone, but sometimes her sister and mother-in-law help her. Her goods are very popular, but recently it is increasingly difficult to sell the products. The profit from suzani making is the main, though unstable, source of income for Sadorat’s family. Sadorat dreams of being known to everyone in the area as a talented artist and craftswoman. For this, she constantly hones and tries to learn new techniques and ornaments.

Kal’achai Kalon, Istaravshan, Togob plot
Telephone: +992 (918) 54-7246


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