Boron means rain in English. Fabric: 100% Cotton

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Mehrangezi Alisher from Penjikent, despite her young age, is very skilled at embroidering suzani and ruijo. She learned the skills from her mother, as well as by visiting “Kashidaduzi” hobby group.
“I want to become a talented embroiderer and improve my skills of embroidering national goods, says Mehrangez. – Also, I want to enter a prestigious University and get a good higher education”.
When she completed her first work, Mehrangez threw it into Zeravshan river, so that the embroidery would be smooth as the river waters.
The young talent understands that in order to become a skilled artisan, she will have to embroider many goods, but she is certain that with time, she will grow into a true master of her handicraft.

45 Rudaki Alley, Apt.49,
Penjikent, Sughd Region
Telephone: +992 (3475) 5-8071


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