Zebo Kholova

Zebo Kholova from Farhor district, Khatlon Region, has been embroidering suzanis since young age. In addition to suzanis, she also embroiders chodar and tagsari. She learned this from her mother, who told her that every woman must learn handicraft and help men support the family. While in fifth grade at school, Zebo started embroidering independently and drawing various ornaments on the fabric. Today her products are highly popular among the local residents, particularly among brides.
The artisan wishes to teach everyone this beautiful craft, so that the ancient tradition of suzani embroidering would be improved and developed.
“At one time, I made a suzani for my own wedding. All girls then were capable of embroidering a suzani; nowadays, it is not popular anymore, and young women are not interested in the handicraft, says Zebo. – I want people to admire and enjoy my work, and I do everything I can for that”.

S.Safarov kolkhoz, Mehnatabad,
Farhor district, Khatlon Region
Telephone: +992 (95) 172-6549